Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle update: 6 days in!

Argh!  Yup, that's about right...  I am typing big because my eyes are aching from focusing on tiny beads.  I have just read Katie Dean's blog and see she has actually made significant progress on her piece already, and I wonder if I am cut out for this!  That said, the piece I am attempting to create is coming along quite well.

I am working on four large sections of bead embroidery at the moment, well, I say four, but actually only one of them has any progress to speak of, but at least they are all drawn out.  Today I'm off to the Big Bead Show at Sandown to buy bits to add to my piece, and hoping for a little inspiration too...hope all my fellow battlers are getting along well, chat soon.




  1. Well, Hello my lovely new FB friend! Great blog you got here . I shall follow your battle progress and thanks for being a friend :) -Kinga

  2. Go Dee. Go! I bet you are glad to sit and bead after your footwork yesterday!