Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh MY!!!

Well I never!  I just found out I received an award for 'Newbie Blogger' from Alicia Marinache from All the Pretty Things - and I am stunned!  I feel very honoured to have been complimented so greatly by her - the only thing I have ever tried to do with my blog is write as though I am speaking, and therefore you do get a pretty true picture of myself and my ramblings through this!  

I am displaying my new award in the side bar of the blog for everyone to see - I love the fact that it reminds me of the Nirvana album cover from way too long ago!  

In 'Other News' this week - I am up to my eyeballs busy trying to get a million things done in a very short space of time!  I am hopelessly disorganised, and I know I have orders to send out, destash beads and gifts for friends, birthday presents and orders to make, challenges to take part in and a whole heap of other full time job to hold down, hubster and the boys to look after and the kitties to pamper!  On a positive, all this busy-ness seems to be doing well for me, I have lost 20lbs in weight since July and am hoping to hit target by Christmas, just in time to pile it all on again! lol

Currently working on several projects, but none I am willing to share here for the moment - I guess I am keeping them under my metaphorical hat, ready to unveil on completion - but they are quite complex so taking more time than I would like...!

Anyhoo, shall love and leave you, and once again, thanks to Alicia for naming my blog as her favourite newbie blog - I shall be bouncing for days!  If you happen to drop by here and like what you read, I am always thrilled to meet new people! :)



  1. Congrats on your award! that's why I'm here, and your newest follower! join linky! that is what it is for ... so other people can stop by and see your blog :)

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is great, you definitely deserve your award!

    Ah, that Nirvana album ... takes me back! Now that was a great album. (lapses into nostalgia)