Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bead, Book and Bounce!

Well hello! What do you think of this as an idea? I am a member of a facebook group called 'Operation: Tackle That Bead Stash' aka OTTBS.  The idea of the group is to support fellow bead addicts into shrinking their bead stashes by creating beautiful things - an idea which in principle is amazing, but in theory, if you put an alcoholic in a pub full of amazing new drinks, chances are more than a few will be bought before closing time - and many stashes are unashamedly growing as opposed to shrinking.  Good news is that the creativity and inspiration abound, leading to some great work - and everyone is real friendly and willing to help. 

The group has an accompanying blog upon which you'll find details of monthly challenges, lots of links to some brilliant stash-busting tutorials, and the latest lightbulb moment from the creators - Bead, Book and Bounce!  The idea of this is that a book title is announced, and those of us who have the book (or don't mind a little extra shopping!) choose an item to create, share that on our blogs and add a review of the book.

The first book chosen was 'Bead Romantique' by Lisa Kan - a book which I probably wouldn't have chosen by title alone.  Fortunately it has a stunning piece of work right there on the front cover, and that was what made it fall into my Amazon basket.  I loved the book as soon as I received it - full of amazing pieces, beautiful photography, clear instructions and modifications if you found it hard to get the exact materials.  As a relative beginner to bead weaving when I bought the book, I was concerned that the intricacy of the designs would be beyond my somewhat limited skills - but I needn't have worried.  For the Bead, Book and Bounce, I chose to re-create the V-Scallop necklace, a wondrous design which looks like a jewelled collar which wouldn't look out of place at an Oscar's ceremony!  Despite limited experience in right angle weave and never having embellished bead work before, the results were pretty cool! 

As you can see,I liked it so much I made it twice!  On my first piece (the bottom picture) I added 3.4mm drop beads instead of the scalloped fringing, and the second piece (top picture) I left even plainer, as this one is for my sister in law who doesn't like too much going on!  My next challenge is to create her a matching bracelet, but it is something I am not worrying about as much as I worried about the choice of design at first!  This book is an awesome book for beginners, as it covers a lot of technique and doesn't skimp on the advice - I recommend it most heartily! :)

Fellow Bead, Book and Bouncers, please feel free to link to your blogs in the comments, so visitors can see what you made and how you made it! 


  1. They both are beautiful!! Love your review too - I learned soooooo much from this book, and Lisa was incredibly kind when I emailed her on one project that I got into difficulties with!

  2. Love you blog it is really well written and both necklaces are gorgeous, brilliant Dee :)

  3. Lovely! I especially like the drops version.

  4. What a pretty piece! I love the style and color - gorgeous!

  5. Fab review Dee. I love your 2 versions of the necklace but the purple's gotta be my fave. Soooooo pretty!
    My review is at
    Don't forget to add your link to the OTTBS linky thingy on the review post too :o)