Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer is HAPPENING, sunshine or no!'s taken a long time in coming, but it is finally the school summer break!!!  I have SO much blog to catch up on.  I am waiting for the British summer to actually throw me a bone and provide some sunshine for taking pics of my creations and the two bead soups I have received recently - one from a Pantone Summer colour theme swap and the Bead Soup Blog Party swap which arrived with me yesterday - my second BSBP and I am super excited to have the summer to create beautiful things with the gorgeous beads I received in both swaps!  Check back soon as I hope to have photographs to share and will fill you in on the details of my fabulous swap partners, Alicia Marinache and Gail Vanderster-Zwang, two uber talented ladies who have amazing taste in beads! :D  Here's a little something I finished this week, please excuse the shocking photograph!
Perla Rosa Bracelet, designed by Tracey Gwilliams of Crystal Star Gems and made by me!

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  1. What a pretty bracelet! I love your pattern and choice of colors - so elegant