Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Bead Earring Swap!

Hey folks, has been a mad few weeks!  I signed up to take part in a fabulous earring swap - although I make a lot of jewellery, earrings is something I struggle with.  I wanted to challenge myself, and also love the idea of using artisan beads - supporting fellow artists is very important!  I was paired with two very talented designers, Linda  and Kari, and received two fantastic pairs of ear candy!

I'll start with Linda's, which feature lampwork beads by 'Radiant Mind' on Etsy. These beads have the most amazing shimmer thanks to a silver foiled centre wrapped in dark violet and clear glass with some gorgeous deep pink speckles and a spiral detail which Linda picked up with the wirework for great effect.  Classy and wearable, I love them!

Next, Kari's make which has a story attached!  I had a card through the door this morning telling me I had a package to collect from the Post Office, for which I had to pay import duty.  I gathered together all my change and jumped in the car filled with anticipation at what would be at the other end waiting for me.  I received these fab and funky earrings made from lampworked glass beads in super summery colours, and some awesome enamelled filigree discs.  Definitely fitting the HippieChick style and well worth the £12 I had to pay to collect them, I can't wait to wear them!
Apart from this, I have made a few things this week, a freeform beaded summery choker and some chain maille bracelets, so here they are...

 Byzantine Variation with Freshwater Pearls
 Blue and Silver Aluminium
 Chunky Aluminium
And finally, check out the fantastic creations for the Art Bead Earring swap by checking out the blogs below - and well done and thank you to Diana for such a fun swap!

Diana Ptaszynski

Jenny Davies Reazor
Melinda Orr
Cilla Watkins
Stephanie Haussler
Sally Russick
Susan Kennedy
Cheryl Brown


  1. Great earrings. Love the lampwork on the first and the enamel on the second - really cool.

  2. Great designs on these earrings! Love the lampwork...and the enameled filigree! Very nice!

  3. beautiful pieces! Live the funky choker, very fun!! It is always fun to Recieve a gift.

  4. Oh the earrings you received are great! And your projects are fun too!

  5. I'm so glad that you like the earrings I sent you! The lampworkers at Radiant Mind are friends of mine and their work is so exquisite!

    I love the earrings that you sent me! The lamped hearts are gorgeous! I love the little chainmaille dangles that you fashioned and the way the little purple beads swing from them!

    The earrings your received from Kari will be so fun to wear. Thanks again, Dee!

  6. Both pairs of earrings are beautiful! The art beads are fantastic too! I am surprised you had to pay duty fees on a gift, usually those charges only apply to purchases.

    1. I agree Kathleen, Post Office man told me the value written on the customs label exceeded the allowed gift value...still, I don't care, I love them! :D

  7. Love the enabled filigree in the dramatic pair! Wear them well!

  8. Fab ear rings!!Love the silver in the first pair and the LIME green in the second pair!!

  9. Those are all such great designs! Fun!!

  10. These are so fun! I love the funky vibe from those flower earrings, and the glass just glows in that first pair. Enjoy the day. Erin