Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Vocal Focal Swap

I'm feeling pretty terrible - ill health and life took over and I was unable to get my package sorted out and posted in time - for which I feel very guilty as my swap partner not only sent me four beautiful focals, she sent an added extra, and has been absolutely wonderful - I am grateful to Bonnie for organising the swap and finding me a new friend into the bargain! See what Maybeline does here!

I only have a very poor photo of my swap beads, but I will share it for now and take some proper photos once I am back on my feet...the colours are far more vivid in real life! :D




  1. Hi Dee,
    I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Those are very pretty pendants Maybeline sent to you.

  2. Thank you Therese... I hope to be feeling better soon, it seems I have had one thing after another go wrong lately!

  3. Awww... please don't feel guilty. No worries about sending the bead. I will wait patiently. Please get well and take plenty of rest. Btw, love the new look of your blog.

    1. Thank you Maybeline, am slowly getting my act together! The new blog style came about because I had some trouble with the last background. I love this one though! :)