Saturday, May 5, 2012

Swap Participation

Art Bead Earring Swap coming up! I am excited to be creating earrings for two fellow jewellery designers, check out the fabulous hop hosted by Suburban Girl Studio!  

Not much else to report, feeling ill today, caught myself a horrible cold just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend and the UK weather is still grey, chilly and soggy despite the fact that summer is just a few short weeks away! Huh!

Hope to have something pretty to share by the end of the weekend, but for now, here's one I made earlier! :)



  1. Sorry you aren't well. Your vocal focal partner sends you well wishes in her post and I thought I'd stop by and do the same. Get well soon.

  2. Also sorry you were unable to participate. Looking forward to seeing your goodies when you do!

  3. I like those chain-maille type links and the lovely colours in the beads!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon - colds are no fun. :-( The necklace you shared today is really beautiful - those links are amazing!