Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life, the Universe and Everything...

I never seem to stand still. EVER!  I have completed the first week back at work after the Easter break, got to the weekend with big plans to bead.  I was busy all day yesterday doing washing and food shopping and other menial mom chores.  Then I got a slam-dunking AWFUL migraine which knocked me off my feet...

So, no beading yesterday.  Today looked slightly more hopeful until housework reared it's ugly head and sidetracked me from the far more important business of 'making pretty things'!  It is almost ironing time (two lots of school uniform...yuk) and I still haven't placed a bead in any kind of arrangement that could be considered creative, unless you count filling boxes with beads I have left all over the house in order to pack them away...!  So, as I have no new pictures to share, I will show you a few older and luck to all...x

Steampunk Style Watch

My latest magazine tutorial

My glass workspace

Lenten Rose (Hellebore) flowers designed by Norma Jean Dell

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