Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Flying Visit the world of Blogging!  I am going to be getting ready to head out to work very soon, but I dropped by here first to share some happy news and a new creation!  Happy news first - I have won a copy of Lori Anderson's fabulous new e-book, all about how to do this blog malarkey in a proper and more interesting way - so hopefully I won't be boring you all to tears any more...keep 'em crossed!

Secondly, a quick introduction to a new creation.  Made for the monthly 'Operation: Tackle That Bead Stash' mood board challenge, this piece is an eighteen inch bead-woven embellished netted rope called 'Juice Drops'...head to the OTTBS blog for more details...

That's it for now, a whole plethora of those annoying little morning jobs await... :)


  1. That's lovely! It looks very tropical!

  2. This is my favourite of all the pieces in the moodboard challenge this month. I just love it - despite the fact the colours haven't appealed to me at all for most of the month!