Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Been A While... the name of a really cool song by a band called Staind, it's a bit of a soundtrack to the way I've been feeling lately! Check it out on youtube.

Anyhoo, blues aside, February turned into a rather busy month here at Cherry Obsidia! Firstly...lots of new ideas! I have branched out into designing these cute little defective monstery cuddlies under the banner 'Cherry Obsidia Cutique' - please have a looksee and let me know what you think!

Also much university coursework, and a new illness diagnosed - as if last year's dicky shoulder wasn't enough, now that's been mended I've ended up with a condition called 'spasmodic torticollis' - random spasming of the muscles in my neck, and found out the bones in my neck don't move freely either. Back to physio we go - they know me by sight now. Fourth referral in the four years I've been working at the school...go figure!

Jewellery making has slowed down, as have the beads, just running out of time all round really - it's my final push to get my work done for my degree, hopefully will complete in May and then will suddenly find myself with rather more free-time than I've had! Just had a front cover on Making Jewellery magazine, which is lovely, and I'm ridiculously proud of it...
Apart from that, I have a lot on the old schedule! Big Bead Show in April, maybe a visit to the Flame-Off for lampworkers and a spring clean of the shedio required. Other than that, uni courses to complete, work, home, kids, hubby, keeps throwing distracrions my way!
My facebook jewellery page is busier, heading up to 1000 'likers' (wish facebook would give us our 'fans' back) - head over to and like too - am planning a MASSIVE giveaway when I reach 1000, everybody in the page will stand a chance of winning. Let your buddies know too...
That's all for tonight then, will try and get back sooner next time!
Big Loves!

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  1. Congratulations on the magazine cover! Sorry to hear about the neck problem, hope the physio helps.