Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafters Pay it Forward 2011's been quite some time, but HAPPY 2011!

I've been busy, now mostly recovered after the shoulder op, and working and playing are pretty much back to normal...
Has been a rough start to the year, and I need some cheering I've decided to join in the crafters Pay it Forward - here's how you join in...

If you'd like to receive a handmade goody from me, all you have to do is leave a comment below. First five comments will each get something pretty! Then you need to post this message on your own blog and send something to the first five who answer you - Alexandre says Simples!

So there you go...leave a comment including your favourite colour underneath and you can have a lovely something through the post! :)


  1. Love your new blog! great idea x

  2. OK Gonna blog soon... :) Just setting it up... Although my torch is calling!! Listen... :) xx