Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thought I'd best

So, it's kinda hard to be a lampworker unable to torch! Shoulder op last week, plenty of pain and some rather interesting internal photos, but am home, resting (or trying to) and hope to have recovered enough movement to be back at the torch soon...

Meanwhile I managed to attend a bead show, and got some more supplies from Tuffnells, clear glass, a fab new dark petrel green, some Rubino Ora (got GOLD in it - yes, the metal), and my two favourite Reichenbach colours - Magic (starts beige, turns amazing colours in the flame) and Multi-Dark (starts off brown, goes purple blue green and burgundy!). Watched Ray Skene demo a hollow bead and one of his fabulous sculptured spiders, makes it look so easy...can't wait to have a play!

Until then however, please leave questions and/or comments and keep beading happy!

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